The Struggle of the Dark World

A Futuristic Third Person Sci-Fi Shooter Game
Release Date:2018             Developer:Deeli Network Technology Co.,Ltd.

"The difference between a demon and a hero is just inside your head."

— Bill Feynman

Bill Feynman is a very important character in the story. We hope to set him as a tragic hero, although in the game he may look more like a villain.

The year is 2035. Quantum technology is developing rapidly, and the  computing  power  of  computers  has  increased thousands of times. All the core thinking behind this comes from the veteran of science and techn-ology, Dr. Bill Feynman. In a new environment of advanced computing, technological products are favored by capital,   so new technology spreads quickly.  The human world becomes fragmented as the majority of peo-ple cannot adapt to the new fierce competition,    while the power of science and technology cannot be stopped. The collision between man and technology has brought the world into an endless battle.

Bill Feynman wants to change all of this. He wants to change the genetic structure of human beings to make everyone's IQ equal, so that everyone can adapt to the rules of the new world. He created genetic spraying  agents and used his power to build “wind towers” around the world, by which he hopes to change the word.

Everything that happened after the formation of the Gene Rain was unexpected. Many people lost their lives and the world has fallen into a greater chaos; but Bill Feynman insists on the release of the Gene Rain, as he believes that the new world should be led by new human beings. In his own words: "The difference between a demon and a hero is just inside your head."

The historical background we set up is fictional. We hope that this design will bring you a brand new world which is not so rigid, where all forces are fighting for their own ideas. As for who are demons and who are heroes, the difference is just inside your head...

Gene Rain is a history-changing event, set to occur in 2089. In this year, a spray  agent that can make genes mutate is released into the air, and after mixing into  the  rain in begins to affect people's genetic structure.   Gene mutation  brings a  completely new evolution, but not everyone can adapt the change in genetic str-ucture. Many are irremediably killed.
We set the timeline of the game at the start of the Gene Rain event. At this stage,    the Gene Rain has just begun to take effect, which causes the whole world to fall in panic, fearing death. The "Death Squad", which players control ,  hopes to stop the Gene Rain and restore the world to its normal order. The Gene spraying agent nee-ds “wind towers” to be released into the air. The main task in this game is for the  Death Squad to close the wind towers amid the many dangers of this post-apocaly-ptic world. There are both humans and robots in the team, but they have the same   ideas and values; they both fight for the cause of restoring order.
Let's take a look at their motto:  
"Death is always most fair. Death will carry out its mission, on the rich and poor alike.
Death is the order that maintains the foundations of the world, Death is a god."
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Emily's subordinate,the soldier of the Death squad.
The shield of the Death squad,Usually use heavy weapons.
Attributes:Mechanical human.
The mysterious power that suddenly appears, no one knows the origin.
The pioneer and leader of the Death Squad.
Attributes:Half mechanical human.

There are 4 main scenes in the work: The ruined city,the quiet town,the deep canyon and the dark city,the set of enemies is more than twelve,we inject the perception  ,  the data   and the behavior to the AI,let AI has the 'personification' characteristic,each enemy has   its unique attributes and behavior details which makes the game rich and colorful.

We set three camps in the game in which the world environment is the early stage of the three camps' confused fights, each camp has its own ideas and aimsplayers need to cont-rol four different characters to finish the tasks according to the plot there are 9 different guns and 4 of them can be updated.

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